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2D a 3D

1 Getting Started

What it is?

It is very easy to go from a 2D line to a 3D object without any knowledge of 3D modeling, that can be printed directly with a 3D Printer. In this Tutorial we will show you how to do this with different options.

1.1 From a Line Drawing


Black Pencil and Paper
Scanner or Camera

Selva 3D Account (

Tinkercad Account (

1.1.1 Draw and Scan

First draw something in black on a white sheet of paper.

NOTE: The thickness of the line you draw directly corresponds to the outcome!

  • Scan the image or make a high quality photo of it. Make sure that

    there are no shadows on the paper and that the contrast between black and white is as big as possible.

  • If you have to adjust the image (Cut, Brightness, black/white,

    etc.), you can use, a powerful online photo editor

1.1.2 Import in Selva 3D

  • You will directly see a preview of your model underneath

  • You have two options to tweak your model:

    • The Height: Adjust the height of the extruded line by a factor from 0 to 1.

    • Adjust the Treshhold: If you see fragments in your image you can try adjusting how much "grey" the program treats as extrusion.

  • When you are statisfied with the outcome you can export the model as "free stl".

1.1.3 Import in Tinkercad

  • Import the 3D Model

  • Now you can scale it to your likings.

If you dont want to add anything else you can directly export the stl file and move on to 3d printing the model.

1.2 From a Vector Line Drawing

1.2.1 Draw Vector lines and export as .png


Inkscape ( ) or any other vector drawing program

Selva 3D Account ( )

Tinkercad Account ( )

  • Open Inkscape
  • Create a new vector drawing or open an existing one EXAMPLE FILE: CROWN.SVG


Draw only in black Assign a width to your lines (contour-option) Information how to use Inkscape:

  • When you are done export your drawing as .png with transparent background.

1.2.2 Import to Selva

Follow ….

1.1.3 Import in Tinkercad

Follow ….

1.3 From a 2D Image


Selva 3D Account ( )

Tinkercad Account ( )

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